Crack Sealing

Asphalt develops cracks over time that let water and moisture get in which eventually lead to bigger cracks. The only option to stop this process is by sealing the cracks.

The crack seal we use is a flexible yet durable material, able to adapt to its surroundings, from winter to summer. It will keep its flexibility to ensure it works with the asphalt and keep water off the cracks.

Cracks are cleaned of debries, vegetation and moisture. Then, they are sealed with the hot rubber compound. Black/Grey sand is applied to the cracks, depending on clients specifications. That sand is applied right after the cracks have been sealed, when the materiel is still at 375F. With the sand applied to the cracks, traffic can go over right after. The sand will also prolong the lifespan of the cracks, by acting as a sun barrier.

Crack Sealing is offered to commercial clients only. For most residential driveways, you will need to buy the Asphalt Sealing service in order to get the Crack Sealing included.

Please call our office for more information about this service.

Compare it yourself! Results after 3 years.

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Cracks Sealed with Membrane Sand


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