New Shrubs & Cedars Planting

A cedar hedge can provide some good privacy to your house, with a natural look. It is cheaper to have a ceder hedge install then any kind of fence. We are able to provide, and install, different types of cedars and heights ranging from 3 Feet to 8 Feet (depending on the availability of the cedar farm)

Our Installation process:

1. Once the client has determine the starting and ending point of their cedar hedge, we will then place a rope for a straight line.

2. We mark every holes with spray paint, following the rope. Holes, or placement of the cedars can vary depending on the type of cedars, height and clients specifications.

3. We dig holes with the auger, and add bone meal fertilizer to every holes. Bone meal fertilizer will help promote root growth.

4. We install cedars, and use the existing soil to compact the cedars, ensuring there is no air pockets at the root zone.

5. We plant metal posts in the soil and we tie up the cedars with a string to the posts, to prevent them from moving to much. These posts can remain in the hedge for the next 2 years.

* The cedar hedge should be installed on your line of property, or 1 foot inside your line.

* We do not offer surveying services for your property.




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