Sod Installation

Sod is turfgrass that has been grown on a sod farm. It's been grown under controlled conditions and someone else was worrying about keeping it watered and safe. When the grass is ready, it is cut into strips that make the rolls of sod. Sod gives you that immediate satisfaction of a weed free lawn. When your lawn has suffered excessive damage, or is infested by weeds, restarting your lawn from scratch is something to considered.

- You can lay sod at any time during the year, except in the extreme heat of summer, or in late fall when the roots may not have time to establish.

- Sod is more expensive then over-seeding.

- Sod does not survive well in shady areas.

- Sod can choke out weeds. Any weed seeds that are left in the soil won't stand a chance with a thick carpet of sod on top.

- A properly sodded lawn is ready for average use in about half the time as a seeded lawn.

Our process:

1. We start by removing the old sod from your lawn.

2. We rake the entire base soil to catch any debries, like rocks or pieces of wood.

3. We add a minimum of 4"-8" (depending on clients request) of clean & screen top soil.

4. We rake, level and grade the entire top soil on the property for proper drainage.

5. We compact the soil.

6. We then add a starter fertilizer that will help the roots establish quickly.

7. We lay down the rolls of sod.

8. We pass over the sod with a drum roller to ensure the sod has a good contact to the soil.